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the science of play at work

Custom Team Experiences

Barometer XP is the next generation of learning and development. From celebrating strengths to targeting pressure points, we facilitate games and reflections to help teams invest in their people and culture.


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Barometer XP delivers fun, powerful corporate programs to help workplaces thrive, from offering teams safe spaces to explore and experiment together to building specific skills that make change easier to implement. 

Play to Learn at Work

We play with you to understand group dynamics and facilitate custom play sessions that offer meaningful insights into how to help your team members grow and interact with each other.

  • PURPOSEFUL: Our activities are more than just time out of the office. Teams that can solve small problems gain the skills needed to work together and successfully tackle bigger problems with larger stakes.

  • FLEXIBLE: Whether it’s a one-time session or a regular team building play session, our facilitators work to ensure that every moment is fun, effective, and brings your team closer together.

  • INCLUSIVE: Our games are physical, mental, and group-based so that everyone has a chance to have fun, try something new, and take on a role that helps achieve a goal or secure a win.



Sync to Swim

If your workplace is experiencing frequent team disengagement, high turnover, or underperformance, Sync to Swim is a great way to address these pressure points through play.

When individuals struggle with factors at work such as how they belong and communicate or how to grow and maintain a work-life balance, Sync to Swim helps teams and leaders build awareness to find solutions to these issues.


Games and simulations offer a fun, safe environment to reflect on team dynamics. Barometer XP curates these shared experiences to improve overall trust, awareness, and alignment within workplace teams.




Every engagement begins with us playing together in structured activities (30-60 minutes) so that your team feels comfortable with our facilitators.

Barometer XP will end the session with our short survey to collect reflections about team strengths and opportunities for growth. Our lead facilitator will use this report as a baseline to set expectations for play sessions with the team leader.



Based on the assessment and lead conversation, our facilitators will design a 4–6-hour session consisting of games and reflections. Play sessions can be one long event, or several events broken into 60–90-minute intervals.

Barometer XP has an engagement framework that helps align team pressure points with specific game dynamics. You can learn more about the "Pressure Matrix" here.



After each session, the facilitator(s) will reflect with the team and offer the leader helpful resources (tools, strategies, etc.) and provide coaching to drive insights into the workplace.

Once the engagement concludes, Barometer XP will provide metrics around key outcomes and suggest ways to continue centering play in the team culture–which may include additional programs with us.


Theory of Play

Every team is comprised of individuals who resonate with and prioritize characteristics differently. Celebrating diversity can help teams respond to and prepare for evolving trends. Much like the scientific instrument, our "Barometer Readings" are point-in-time measurements that gauge workplace culture.

We designed this assessment to identify individual or team pressure points. By knowing areas of strength (low pressure) and opportunities for growth (high pressure), you can select games for effective learning and development.

Barometer XP wants to help you determine the right game for any moment. Our experts are ready to suggest and facilitate fun experiences around your team dynamics and workplace needs.

Custom Experiences for Teams


Not seeing a team building package that fits your needs? We offer customized play sessions in both one-time and recurring formats. Contact us today to co-create a fun program for your workplace or team.



With your input, Barometer XP can design a single play session to accomplish a variety of team building and workplace goals. Here are some examples of use-cases:

  • Onboarding new teammates

  • Team bonding for morale

  • Pre- or post-meeting icebreakers

  • Half or full day retreats


With your input, commit to a team building play program that strives for deeper learning and development outcomes across your workplace team, such as:

  • Identifying cultural norms

  • Practicing leadership skills

  • Understanding content

  • Improving project processes


"The game activities were innovative and refreshing, engaging our staff in new and effective ways."
Play Session for Teams


Help your employees to play, grow, and communicate as a team.

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