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As expected with a company that brings the science of play at work, our origin story sounds a bit like a joke:

“A consultant, a game developer and a business analyst walk into a museum.”

It didn’t take our founders – Roddy, Alex, and Peter – long to realize that they were all working towards the same goal: driving social and economic change through thriving teams. When they discovered that all three of them were equally fascinated with using play and games to accomplish that, there was magic in the mix. Barometer XP launched in 2020.


Beyond just looking at how to integrate game-based learning and play, the three took time to analyze trends and speak to team leaders. Armed with that information, they designed a framework for gauging organizational culture, a philosophy for setting play expectations, and an approach to facilitating games. These cornerstones represent "the science of play at work."

Like a scientific barometer gauges pressure in the atmosphere, Barometer XP measures pressure among teams. 

But we don’t just measure it. Using science-backed facilitation of play and games, we also break down barriers to relieving those pressure points so that teams can achieve higher performance, productivity, and purpose. 

In response to the growing demand for tools to build stronger teams and cultures, we packaged our insights and expertise to launch a Play Facilitator Certification in 2023. This training and membership program offers access to a growing software platform that empowers users to run their own culture assessments as well as align results to an ever-growing database of games for desired learning outcomes.

Barometer XP is spreading the culture of intentional play at work to create a better world. And we're having fun doing it. 


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