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We believe in driving meaningful, measurable change to how teams communicate, coordinate, and relate through interactive experiences.

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Meet our 1st game simulation platform that's built for both in-person and virtual teams

+ cultivate better leaders

+ increase team productivity

+ align and celebrate values

+ build trust and interdependence

+ attract and retain talent

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There are currently two ways to engage with our game simulations:



Next Contest: Q4 2021

Join a team challenge that includes setting custom objectives, a half-day workshop, game reports, and ongoing coaching sessions to implement and sustain change.



Schedule Any Weekday

Book one of our facilitators for a collaborative experience to help your team thrive under pressure -- we can set up your game for fun teambuilding and/or learning outcomes

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"This is the first virtual team building exercise that I've actually seen work!"

"The game session really exceeded expectations - could hardly believe the 2
hours went by as quickly as they did. You have raving reviews from the team
members that participated."

"It really helped highlight the strengths of different team members so that
we can better lean on our strengths."

"It was amazing to learn things about how I work with my team in real-time! Alex and Peter did a fantastic job at facilitating the group in an open and extremely engaging way. This is a fantastic tool to engage teams, learn about working styles and provide some levity in the virtual space."

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We are 4 entrepreneurs with different backgrounds who are passionate about helping teams learn and grow.


We believe games and simulations can inspire people to navigate conflict, establish clear processes and communication channels, and cultivate leaders who prioritize diversity and inclusion in the workplace.