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3 Simple Steps to Boost Engagement in Remote Teams

We’ve reached the point where it’s almost a cliche to talk about how hard it is to make meaningful connections with colleagues through Zoom boxes and Slack channels.

“Ugh, I’m so sick of Zoom” has become the new “I can’t believe this weather” as the small talk statement to foster some quick agreement at the start of a conversation.

Yes, connecting virtually, be it over phone, video, or written message, is way less satisfying than in person.

Yes, we are all sick of spending so much time staring at screens, and have found ways to keep meetings focused and short.

And yes, these remote ways of communicating force a more formal structure that doesn’t leave space (physical or metaphorical) for spontaneous, serendipitous interpersonal conversation.

But there are lots of simple, fun, and very effective ways to encourage great connection and engagement among remote teams.

Here is our 3-step process for boosting engagement for your remote team.

Step 1: Take A Pressure Reading

The Pressure Matrix is a simple, free tool to assess your team’s greatest strengths and spot potential (or already existing) pain points (learn more about the Pressure Matrix here). There are two ways to use the tool.

  • Individually: In our online assessment, you read different statements about team culture and select which statements best apply to your team. Once you finish, you’ll receive an email report that highlights which of our 9 culture components are the biggest pressure points for your team.

  • Collectively: The interactive cards in our online Pressure Matrix include statements of how each component manifests if it’s a strength for your team, and what it looks like if it’s a source of pain.

Step 2: Make Time for a DTR

In the dating world, there’s something called the DTR (Define the Relationship) conversation, in which the parties check in to see if they are on the same page as to where the relationship is and where it’s going.

The same type of status check is important in teams, too. Wouldn’t it be useful to to know, for example:

  • Is everyone on the same page regarding their roles?

  • Are people clear on the team goals and priorities?

  • Do any processes need updating?

Barometer XP’s Pressure Matrix is the perfect tool to guide your team’s DTR. Just have each person complete the survey individually, and email to get the aggregate responses.

In comparing each person’s survey results, you’ll get a sense of whether people are in the same place regarding team culture, and gain insights into how to make the team even stronger.

Step 3: Play a Game!

Variety is the spice of life, right?

So why not vary up your team meeting format and play a few games? Not only will games give you a chance to relax and have fun together, you’ll also gain valuable insights into how each other feels, thinks, and acts in different situations. Plus you’ll create some great memories, which are essential in building strong team identity.

Need help picking the right game for your team? No problem, just email and we’ll give you some suggestions.

Better yet, want Barometer XP to lead your team through all 3 steps? Email to learn more about our Sync to Swim package!


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