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Start Your Meeting with Play!

Why playing helps engage your team in routine meetings

Most Zoom meetings have an incredibly predictable flow to them. The typical start goes something like this.

  • People gradually pop on the screen over the course of a few minutes.

  • A few people make casual chit-chat, which frequently gets interrupted as new people join the call. The same small-talk questions are often asked over and over again, with no one getting to provide, or hear, a full, satisfying answer.

  • At least one person has connectivity problems, and can't get the audio or visual working right away.

  • Once you have critical mass, someone calls the meeting to order and you start talking business.

It's simple, straightforward, and efficient. But it is fun? Inspiring? Engaging?

No, no, and no!

In this age of meeting overload, we all want our meetings to be efficient so we don't have to spend more time on Zoom than we need to. But that doesn't mean you can't add in one or two novel and fun items into the agenda. By including a short game or exercise at the start of the meeting, you can actually boost everyone's energy and engagement for the rest of the meeting. So while the meeting may last 10 minutes longer, everyone is getting more value from it.


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