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Let’s be honest about all the things AI CAN’T do

You know how every time you crack open a newspaper or scroll through your news app, you're bombarded with headlines screaming about AI and automation taking over our lives? It seems to be all over the place, doesn’t it?  Here's the thing that's been bugging me: What about us humans in all this high-tech hullabaloo?

Sure, robots might be snatching up SOME jobs, but there are always jobs that can’t replace the human factor!  Before we give up and let AI run the show, can we just take a breather and think about how to keep our workplaces feeling human?

I stumbled upon this awesome article by Aneesh Raman and Maria Flynn in The New York Times, and let me tell you, it really hit the nail on the head. They're talking about how, as tech takes over the technical stuff, the things that make us human—like building relationships, communicating, and rallying the troops—are going to be more important than ever!  If AI ends up getting all the ridiculously complicated emotions we humans have, as well as the ability to “read” each other’s emotions, we’ll be living in a real-life science fiction movie….and that probably won’t happen in our lifetime….or our great grandkids lifetime, either!

 The article asks, "Hey, do we believe in humans as much as we believe in AI?" And honestly, I'm rooting for Team Human on this one. We've got some serious potential, you know?

But here's the kicker: To sharpen those human skills, we need to rethink how we do professional development. You can't just slap together a PowerPoint and talk at a bunch of employees and call it a day when it comes to building connections.

So, what's the solution? Drumroll, please... Games! Yep, you heard me right. Games aren't just for kids or blowing off steam. They're actually the perfect method for honing those people skills. Think about it: immersive, interactive, and collaborative experiences that make learning fun. 

Sign me up! 

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