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Want to add play and all of its benefits to your facilitator toolbelt? Our annual membership is a curated group of practitioners who prefer to learn alongside peers. With full access to all of our product features, the Barometer XP team is standing by to support your journey toward becoming a play expert.



As Barometer grows its product, we are inviting small groups of 8-12 practitioners to join the membership, which begins with a certification program that's designed to set up members for success. The curriculum takes place over 8 hours spread across 2 days (PM of Day 1, AM of Day 2) and covers the essentials of play-based facilitation. Tuition is $2000.

SESSION 1: Power of Play

Learn about the depth and breadth of games by playing and reflecting together

SESSION 2: Aligning Games

Equip yourself with a game database that's powered by team dynamics and assessments

SESSION 3: Proving Impact

Measure outcomes of play engagements and design effective ways to sell them



By completing our entry certification program above, practitioners will receive the following member resources for 12 months, at which point there will be opportunities to renew the membership or change to a subscription offering...

Personalized assessment setup link

Unlimited pressure reports with customizable dashboard

Complete access to the game catalog, facilitation guides, and play resources

1:1 consultations with the Barometer XP team

Access to member channels (currently on Slack) for community ideation

Continued trainings, game workshops, and certifications

Inclusion in our expert marketplace for client referrals and shared gigs

Active support on social platforms and through public marketing efforts

Newsletter with best practices, events, and special opportunities


Senior Consultant

"Gratitude to Barometer XP for helping me learn how effective and important games are and how to make wise choices about what game fits the situation."


JEDI Consultant

"BXP has made a huge impact on how I engage and train my clients.  The games really customize a one-of-a-kind experience and education that makes team building fun and robust."

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