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Inspiring teams to undertake meaningful change together is something most organizations should strive for. In the previous post, we introduced our Theory of High Flying Teams (ToHFTs), which highlights six characteristics that result in efficient and sustainable teams.

For the NOW part of our theory, we find that teams that believe their work is engaging, innovative, and cooperative are more ready to move forward. Questions that teams can address now help understand the why, what, and who of a project.


“I know why the team is doing this project” Knowing the why provides the necessary context for teams to feel engaged.


“I know what I am doing in this project“ The specifics of what one is doing can drive innovation for growth and targeted results.


“I know the who of the project” Knowing exactly who is responsible leads to efficient communication and cooperation among team members.

Teams that can answer these questions are on a solid foundation to begin to lift off on a project. Our theory is woven into the interactive experiences we provide for organizations and their teams.

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