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To continue with our Theory of High Flying Teams (ToHFTs), the second part of our theory focuses on questions that take time to address. The how, when, and where of a project connected with our characteristic of being human-centered, timely, and resilient. These measure the conditions to sustain and finish projects.


“I know how the team is completing this project” Knowing the how of a project leads to better understanding and knowledge. Centered on the person who has developed unique and invaluable experience.


“I know when this project is due“ Results and targets are needed within the context of time. Timely and efficient deliverables lead to satisfied parties, better decision making, and lower work derived stress.


“I know where this project is going” Teams that know where the project is being delivered are more resilient. They are better able to sustain themselves as problems arise throughout the process.

Teams thrive when they prioritize an approach with our theory. We believe these drive meaningful and measurable change in how teams communicate and relate with each other. Our next series of posts will dive further into the six characteristics that make up our ToHFTs.

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