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Introduction to our Theory of High Flying Teams (ToHFTs)

At Barometer XP we created the Theory of High Flying Teams (ToHFT) to inspire teams to undertake meaningful change together. The theory highlights six characteristics: cooperation, engagement, human centeredness, innovation, resilience, and timeliness that result in successful projects and efficient, sustainable teams. Our theory visualizes a high performing team as a Hot Air Balloon safely navigating through the skies.

The idea of teams sounds so simple working together with others to achieve a common goal. But as we’ve all experienced, in reality it often feels more like a jumbled mess of individuals who are sort of clear on what they should be doing, but vague on the who, where, when, what, why and how.

We provide solutions to the jumbled mess and lack of vision felt by teams, as our theory is embedded into our game experiences. Playing with us helps teams discover what are the things that can be addressed now and what are the things that require more time to be built up. In the coming posts, we will dive further into addressing the now, the future, and the six characteristics that uphold the ToHFT.

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