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How We Lifted Off!

At Barometer XP, we believe in driving meaningful, measurable change to how teams communicate, coordinate, and relate through interactive experiences.

The secret ingredient for thriving teams is the interconnectedness between the individual parts: the relationships, co-creation, accountability, and inspirations that results from people with different skills and backgrounds all working towards a shared goal. That magical recipe is the origin story for Barometer.

Our beginning sounds like the set-up of a bad joke: What happens when two organizational consultants, a development analyst, and a game developer walk into a museum?

Although we are four entrepreneurs with different backgrounds, each of our work was dedicated to the same goal: driving social and economic change through the creation of thriving teams. We started with a simple question. Can we use experiences to create safe, low-stakes environments in which teams can observe, learn, and practice the skills required to be a great team?

This simple question has grown into a fully fledged company. We create and facilitate experiences that encourage both individual and collective self-reflection and drive conversations about team dynamics. And what team couldn’t benefit from that?


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